Useful Information

The links found below are a collection of articles and other information that have been collected to help understand dyslexia and learning disabilities in general. It is a mixture of information and stories. I hope you find them useful, informative and touching. Each file is listed in two formats, HTML for viewing and PDF for printing.

• Patti Lehigh Presentation Annual Meeting 2018

• Symptoms of Dyslexia

• Confessions of an LD Child
• Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) • Fairness
• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) HTML PDF • 99 Ways to Say Very Good
• Profile of a Dyslexic Child • Nelson Rockefeller Letter
• Definitions and Characteristics of Dyslexia • Don't Accept Anyone's Verdict that You Are Lazy, Stupid, or Retarded
• Emotional Attributes of the LD Adolescent • Famous People Who Are Reported to be LD
• Eat Right - Think Right - Feel Great • Rocks In A Jar
• The Cost of Inclusion • Poem - Which One is You
• Parenting Attention Different Children • What'll Become of Fred?
• Profile of a Hyperkinetic Child • The Gift
• SQRRR Study Method • Our Strange Language
• Homework Strategies • Questions for classroom Teachers
• Other Problems Sometimes Associated with Dyslexia • What Teachers Can Do In A Regular Classroom For Children With Learning Disabilities
• Thoughts from Margaret Rawson • So, You Think English is Easy???
• Basic Facts about Dyslexia Is the Nature of Dyslexia Nurtured